Blue Arrow Records has been serving the vinyl needs of collectors since March 2009. The store, located at 16001 Waterloo Road, is named for the vintage arrow sign on the building. Blue Arrow Records features quality used LPs, 45s, and 78s from the 1950s to the present day. You can peruse selections from jazz, country, classic rock, soul, and rock-n-roll.

Blue Arrow Records is not only a haven for those with a love of music, but a destination for people looking for unique items. You can find used vinyl records, as well as magazines, books, t-shirts, and other cool merchandise. Blue Arrow Records compliments the already eclectic stores that line Waterloo Road in North Collinwood.

The floor alone is worth a trip. Over 1100 vintage album covers have been transformed into floor tiles, covering the 1300 square foot space. It was named the Best Floor in Cleveland by Cleveland Magazine in October 2010.

Blue Arrow Records has also been featured in The Plain Dealer and Scene Magazine.

Blue Arrow Reviews on Yelp

Located just a couple of doors down the street from Music Saves and the Beachland, Blue arrow is immediately recognizable by the blue arrow built into the facade of the building it's housed in. As soon as you walk in you can't help but notice that the entire floor is tiled with LP covers of every color and kind. This is the store's trademark, but the real draw is the records on the racks. I could come back a hundred times and always find some great, classic album for less than ten bucks, and mostly for less than five! That can't be beat! The last time I went in there, I left with some Dylan, Pretenders, Stones and Reed albums tucked under my arms (along with a Beach Boys 45) and still spent less there than I would on dinner some nights. Man, I love how cheap Cleveland is. -- Kurt L., Chicago

Hands down the most wonderful 'hidden gem' of the Cleveland Vinyl Community. Unbelievable selection, unbeatable prices, and an incredibly knowledgeable staff to boot. I have repurchased most of the records from my youth at this amazing establishment, and continue to bask in it's splendors on a near-weekly basis. -- Jack S., Cleveland

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